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Babe Ruth Organization

Babe Ruth Division

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Ages 13 - 15

The Babe Ruth Division is generally organized into a 13 Year Old Prep and / or
a 13-15 Year Old Division.  We have local community programs and we have county wide programs depending on your situation.

13 Year Old Prep League

To encourage more participation in the game of baseball, many leagues avail themselves of a Babe Ruth Prep League. Under the Prep League rules, the team rosters must be composed of all 13-year-old players Studies have shown that many young players lose interest in the game of baseball when they do not get ample playing time in games once selected for an organized team. In addition, it has been found that players have expressed fear of competing with 14 and 15-year-old players who have already experienced one to two years playing on the standard 90-foot diamond. With the Babe Ruth Baseball Prep League, the 13-year-old player now has that chance to play, avoiding the possibility of his losing interest in playing baseball. Tennessee Babe Ruth Baseball features Area, State, Regional and World Series tournaments for 13 year olds.

13-15 Year Old League

Depending on the league philosophy and size the 13-15 league will be comprised of a combination of league age 13-15 players. Composition of teams should try to balance 15 year olds equally to insure fair competition. Local leagues often adopt pitching rules to encourage or to insure that players of all ages are offered the opportunity to develop their skills.  Eastern NY Babe Ruth Baseball features Area, State, Regional and World Series tournaments for both 15year olds